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Science Fiction

Science fiction, in its broadest possible application, has always provided a vehicle for including conlangs in its plots even as far back as 1638. These titles provide a wide variety of science fiction, from planetary-based space operas to gritty dystopic versions of our own world. The entries below are standardized with the author name first, the individual titles next, the conlangs used in brackets, and (sometimes) a short description. Enjoy!

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Alison Baird titles
First in Uplift series Brin cover
The Coming Race
A Clockwork Orange cover
Martian Tales
Homecoming Saga
Chanur Saga
Foreigner Universe
The Story of Your Life
Years in the Making
Native Tongue Judas Rose Earthsong
Guild of Xenolinguists
Course of Empire
West of Eden
Dune Dune Messiah Children of Dune
Riddley Walker
Wasteland series
Always Coming Home
Left Hand of Darkness
Out of the Silent Planet
Enemy Papers
Dweller on Two Planets
Enemy Papers
H. Beam Piper also wrote "Omnilingual", a short story appearing in the anthology From Mind to Mind: Tales of Communication from Analog Buy The Book Now at The Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide Buy online from an indie bookstore Find at a library near you. The story revolves around the efforts to translate the Martian language from magazines found in archaeological digs on the Red Planet.

The Zaanics Deceit
Maze Game
Termite Queen
Color of Distance
Languages of Pao