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Conlang-Specific Nonfiction

This page of nonfiction provides works about specific conlangs in a nonfiction tone. Here you'll find printed works on Sindarin, Klingon, and others. Conlangers can use these to learn those specific conlangs or to gain inspiration for their own creations.

Beside many items in The Conlanger's Library are links to vendor affiliate sites (Book Depository and Indie Bound ). The Language Creation Society receives a portion of all the purchases made through these sites. We have removed, at present, links to pages. In the event that Amazon reinstates its affiliate program in California, we will consider re-adding links to the items on these pages.

There is also a WorldCat search link available to assist readers in locating resources through their local library.

Contact The Conlanging Librarian at library -at- conlang -dot- org with suggestions for additions to the library.

cover of From Elvish to Klingon
cover of Star Wars: Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide
cover of Hildegard of Bingen's Unknown Language
cover of Klingon Hamlet

cover of Klingon Dictionary
cover of Klingon for the Galactic Traveler
cover of tlhIngan tIgh
cover of Arika Okrent book
cover of Peterson book
cover of Peterson book
cover of LCK
cover of Gateway to Sindarin
cover of Codex Seraphinianus
cover of The Lost Road cover of Peoples of Middle-earth