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Jan 7


Posted on Thursday, January 7, 2010 in Comics, Presentations

In honor of Sai Emrys’s recent successful presentation in Berlin at 26C3, the Conlanging Librarian presents the following cartoon from Nichtlustig by Joscha Sauer. I picked up a collection of his cartoons in 2008 when I was in Berlin after finding it by browsing in a bookstore. From the lemmings to the “Poodle of Death”, Sauer’s twisted sense of humor is infectious.
And, in keeping with the conlang-centric spirit of this blog, I present the following sentences:

  • The werwolf sees the vampire.
  • The fur wessenwolf got wet in the rain.
  • The vampire gave the wemwolf a present.
  • The vampire sees the wenwolf.

Yes, I realize it’s a messy blend of English and Deutsch, but consider them…Germish (or would that be Englitsch).
In any case, enjoy the link to Nichtlustig as well as the Conlanging 101 paper and presentation from Sai Emrys. Links to the paper as well as the video of the presentation have been posted in TCL. Congratulations to Sai on being a great international conlanging ambassador.