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Jun 22

Thanks, David P!

Posted on Monday, June 22, 2009 in Books

~:D Thanks to David J. Peterson for calling my attention to Esperanto quotes in both Thomas Mann’s Der Zauberberg and James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. These selections have been added to the Quotations section of The Library. Check them out! (Mann’s work, published in 1924, may be the first mention of Esperanto in a work of fiction.)

Jun 4

Thank You, Ketumak!

Posted on Thursday, June 4, 2009 in Conlangers



I’d like to thank David Johnson (of the British Library) a.k.a. Ketumak on the Zompist Bullentin Board for his recent suggestions for additions to The Conlanger’s Library. In addition to my being reminded about Marina Yaguello’s work, Lunatic Lovers of Language: Imaginary Languages and Their Inventors, Ketumak also provided links to several pertinent Internet sites including the Conlang Atlas of Language Structures, Basic English Wordlist, Rick Morneau’s collection of essays, and others.

If you have suggestions for books, Internet sites, quotes, or other authoritative items, feel free to send them to library at library dot conlang dot org.