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Dec 21

Nang! Nì’ul sì nì’ul sì nì’ul Na’vi!

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2009 in Film

Two Na'vi

The information on Na’vi just keeps coming! Here is a story on NPR from Dec. 15. There are some very nice examples of Frommer speaking Na’vi (and even getting Renee Montagne to try her tongue at it).

The movie has only been out a few days and already a fan community has begun to coalesce around the language. Check out Learn Na’vi for some grammar, vocabulary, and phonetics that have been gleaned from publicly available sources. Nothing “official” from Frommer or Cameron…yet. Incidentally, this is where the title of this post was cobbled together from. It’s supposed to read “Wow! More and more and more Na’vi.” In addition to this site, there’s a Facebook group already in existence as well — Learn the Na’vi language — with the description “Kaltxì! Ngaru lu fpom srak? which, as far as I can tell, roughly means “Hello! How are you?”

Dec 13

Universals. We have Universals.

Posted on Sunday, December 13, 2009 in Library Additions

We have a new link to Dr. Greenberg’s Universals at the Internet Resources page. This database from the Universität Konstanz is a great place for browsing or searching for specific linguistic characteristics and finding what naturally occurs so you can include it in your conlang (or do the exact opposite, if that’s what you wish). Enjoy!

Nov 21

An Article and a Link

Posted on Saturday, November 21, 2009 in Library Additions

Two new resources have been added to TCL:

The first is an article from the University of Minnesota’s Minnesota Daily newspaper posted in Newspaper Articles. It’s about the local Minnesota company that wrote the app for the Klingon Dictionary (but also include information about d’Armond Speers’ 3-year “experiment” in speaking Klingon to his son).

The other resource, posted in the Linguistics Online Resources page, is a handy online tool for converting IPA characters into HTML: θæŋk ju