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Posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s been several weeks since a new post here at the Conlanging Librarian blog. Not that anyone is that concerned but, as way of explanation, the primary reason was some wonky home Internet access (either intermittent or non-existent). It’s amazing how reliant one becomes on having reliable Internet access. The problem appears to be resolved now. (Insert sigh of relief here.)

Although I haven’t been able to post, I have been busy (both life-wise and conlang-wise). It’s not necessary to discuss the life-wise points here; but a brief mention of the conlang-wise points seems appropriate. I’ve been working on a new primer of Dritok built around telling a story of a Drushek teaching a Tylnor how to speak the language. The book(let) isn’t ready for primetime quite yet, but stay tuned. I’m rather pleased with it so far. This personal project stems most recently from a discussion on CONLANG-L, but it all started with my being impressed with Carsten Becker’s original primer of Ayeri years ago.

I’ve also been reading several books on language which I plan on posting some conlang-related reviews of in the near future including one on Pirahã.

Finally, I’ve been in preliminary discussions with some other conlangers about the formation of a conlang-related Wikipedia “task force.” This might be similar to something like what we have in library-land called Slam the Boards, a monthly event where librarians answer questions on the online answer boards and specifically say “a librarian helped answer this question.” The basic idea of the Conlang Wikipedia Project (or whatever it ends up being called) would pick one day of the month (Maybe the 17th of each month?) and conlangers (or other language experts) would choose a Wikipedia article to edit, add to, revise, or otherwise enhance. Specific articles that needed work could be highlighted beforehand on the web somewhere. This would also not simply target the English-language Wikipedia, but also other languages as well like this, this, and this. Stay tuned for more information on this project and its logistics, and feel free to comment on this idea as a reply to this blog posting.

Fiat lingua!