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After posting the file to Conlanger's Library, it was brought to our attention by Jan Strasser that there was an original Read Me file as well as an attribution that had been overlooked. The CONLANG-L message and applicable Read Me file are reproduced below:

That file has been compiled by our fellow conlanger Samuel McCabe ( /, as a resource for his Indo-European language Kuma-Koban. It must have taken him months to put this together, so it would probably be a good idea to give him appropriate credit at the Library page.

The version of the file that he posted about half a year ago on the ZBB included a readme notice, which seems to be missing now. It read as follows:

Read Me

Lexicon composited by Samuel "The Goat Man" McCabe and best viewed in DejaVu Sans.

This lexicon is the result of merging four other lists compiled from the following sources:

Cognates come almost entirely from JPM, Grammatical Form refers to Sanskrit and comes from IIAL, as do notes in {1}, {2} etc. and most Related Forms. Semantic Domain comes from JPM. PIE reconstructions prefer JPM.

I have added a very small number of additional notes, which are followed by (SGM).

Finally, this list is getting complicated enough to be worth moving into a relational database. Maybe some day.

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