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Who Is Visiting The Library?

Posted on Saturday, May 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

I thought it might be interesting to share who is visiting The Conlanger’s Library. Since statistics began to be collected (April 1, 2009), there have been 418 unique visitors to the Library who’ve had 2,199 page views. These visitors have come from 37 countries/territories including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, Hungary, Romania, and the USA. A little over 67% of traffic came from referring sites. The largest of which (no surprise) is (The Language Creation Society) with over 46% of all traffic coming through there. 27% came directly to the Library, but others have visited from the Zompist Bulletin Board and

Thank you all for visiting and keep coming back! New stuff is being added to the Library all the time